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About Us

Welcome to The Brainy Buyer! I’m Mr. Brainy, and I am a coupon addict. I’m a chemical engineer turned stay-at-home-mom and love it!

I’ve always used coupons, but it wasn’t until recently that I got really serious and started saving more money than I could have imagined. My family is my main motivation for what I do. Saving money by using coupons and finding great deals allows me to make a better life for my family. When I was pregnant I started to pay attention to how much things cost and how much money we were spending, knowing that once we had children our habits would have to change. I looked for resources to help save money and came across a huge community of couponers who had the same goals, ideas, and hopes of providing a better financial future for their families. Their websites and advice have helped me so much, and I hope that The Brainy Buyer will do the same for you!

I’ve found that a lot of people don’t believe coupons are worth the effort, that $0.50 off won’t make a difference, but boy are they wrong! It amazes me how much I can get for so little money and many times even for free. Every *little bit* helps and over the course of a few days, a few weeks, and a few months adds up to be more than many people realize. I hope to be able to use this site as a way to help others catch the couponing bug and start saving!

I’ll be busy posting deals, coupons, and store match-ups. Greg is going to be the “tech geek”, making sure the site is running smoothly and providing other deals, such as electronics and technology. He will also be doing periodical financial posts, to help educate readers about how to prepare for a better financial future and ways to save money in other areas of your life. We hope to help you learn how to save and shop smart, without having to sacrifice.

Take a look around and enjoy! The Brainy Buyer, because saving money is smart!

Contact us with any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you!